2015. augusztus 20., csütörtök

Kiitos Kenkävero ❤

I just wanted tell that I am very grateful to you Anne and to all stuff members who work in Kenkävero and helped me a lot during my staying here. I can say these days were the most important period so far and I have learnt a lot about the entreprising and baking. I"m more zealous about my future and now I exactly know what I want and need to with the skills God gave me. During one of my work day I decided to open an own shop one day somewhere in Budapest and I would be glad if you visit me in my shop and having a nice afternoon! In my shop there will be my pieces of handmade jewellery and cakes I baked and of course I will offer so many different kind of sweets each months: finnish, french, italian, asian, south-american and so on. I know it would be quite difficult to solve these changes every months but I believe everything you imagine could be realized. Just believe in yourself and God. It sometimes seems you are not strong enough but remember what is the purpose of your life and what you are fighting for. Do not be affraid of what you would become one day.
On the other hand, the program taught me how to live like an adult. I am not a child anymore. Maybe still a girl or almost a woman. It is always scare me that I have to be independent and behave so well because nobody will be indulgent if I make a mistake and tell you: Never mind Adri it is not the end of the world. Perhaps you will get another chance from your fate but it costs too much. That is why these failure make us stronger and increase our perseverance.

And this was the beginning of my life-adventure and cannot wait to take part in the next scolarship!
Thank you so much for this pretty gift box 
especially the mugs are fabulous!

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